About us

TEAMWOOD OÜ is a timber manufacturing company formed in 2005.

We are situated just 1hr 45 minutes car journey east from the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Since being formed we have experienced a rapid growth in demand for processed timbers from UK, USA, Asia and the rest of Europe.

Teamwood have high speed moulding machines, an automated Grecon/Dimter line, D.E.T. machines, a twin line re-sawing line, shrink wrapping machine and a notching machine. These facilities enable us to give relatively complex manufacturing solutions to our customers.

Teamwood have a total capacity of over 3000 m3 per month of processed timber products. The residue shavings from the manufacturing plant are processed into pellets for heating.

The management team have long and varied experience in the timber trade, spanning many years with first hand knowledge of trading in the global market concentrating on Estonia, UK, Ireland, Germany, France and Asia.

Logistically Estonia has grown since its independence in 1991, timber can be transported by road and vessels to reach all parts of the world, using regular reliable shipping lines.